Optimize To Zero

There are forces at work that actively are creating an environment where money is moved systematically from many to few. In that landscape, even though companies are earning record profits, infrastructure is collapsing. Citizens will be expected to bear greater tax burden to support interest on the growing debt and the real wages of Americans are shrinking as jobs that pay premium over industry baselines are being sourced to foreign countries or consolidated, automated or eliminated.

The challenge that we face is that the world is looking to create efficiencies. Capitalism is broken by greed as the executives need to create lower head-counts, smaller wages and greater expectations in productivity to justify the multi million dollar bonuses they wish to earn. The economists that drive those efficiencies are trying to optimize the workforce and the failure and breakdown in the economy that has caused so many issues over the past several years are because the goal seems to be to “Optimize to Zero.”

“Optimize to Zero” is a documentary that looks at capitalism as a living science. If all the jobs in the United States that pay premium are sourced away or eliminated, the expendable wages will create a less favorable climate to sell goods and to offer services. Companies cannot try to reduce pay in the workers and increase bonuses for executives without recognizing that a healthy economy is a healthy climate to do business.

We will examine catalyst events, capital expenses by governments and corporate entities and the long term strength of the economy that is likely to create a favorable environment to build business best in the long run.