Who owns the Federal Reserve bank? When was the last time banks paid interest? What was the difference between the rates banks paid on deposits and the rate banks charged on loans in 1950? What was the price/earnings (P/E) multiple of the broad stock market in 1960? Why is it so much higher today? Wasn’t Bill Clinton the last president to have a budget surplus? Is $16 trillion in debt anything to be worried about? How does any of this matter to me?

Regular Guy Economics is an assembly of facts, ideas and sensibilities that take us through the developments in our global economy over the past lifetime and tries to make some sense that gives clarity to the regular folks. They say that frogs will jump away if you try to put them in boiling water but will settle in as the water gets hotter. That’s the issue in the economy today.

Smart people plan what will happen. They set interest rates, define the rules that allow borrowing and lending and create the framework for the most critical part of the game of life, the part that provides food, shelter and warmth for your family.

Some of the items discussed are critical events in economic history; the United States currency becoming the defacto currency that all important commodities are purchased with, the refusal to redeem that currency for gold, the plan to reduce interest rates to zero and all the items in between.

Regular Guy Economics has a very pessimistic view of what’s going on. It seems that the past 30 years have enabled the wealthy to amass wealth and to lay waste to the middle class. If capitalism would work in this environment, perhaps I might settle in and move my methods to take greatest advantage of systems I can influence. I believe that several items have rendered capitalism impotent as the new economic math has taken root. If the top rung of the food chain takes so much food that the middle and lower rungs cannot survive, the entire food chain falls to nothingness. We have to take a stand and make the words that founded our republic matter again.

Be mindful, be thoughtful, be watchful and be involved. Welcome to Regular Guy Economics.