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Some Market Thoughts

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As you watch a screen or television to follow your stock portfolio between now and when Obama takes command, know that there are underlying forces at work that may frustrate you in the near term. Certainly fundament...

Home Prices Falling?

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It is interesting to see the headlines feign surprise and ignorance as the housing market continues to fall. This market was doomed to this end as the factors that drove it there piled on top of one another until th...

Retail Sales Fall?

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is far more important to stem than it is to bailout the banks, because even Reagan’s economic policies were named with the Regular Guy in mind (trickle down economics at least implied that the bottom would drink somet...

Gas Prices Back to Earth?

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As gas prices settle to Earth, brought back by the gravity that is the unwinding of hedge fund leverage; one question remains..Why? The government knew all along that prices were being driven up by speculators, a...

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