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Time to Destroy the Medical Industry

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In 1960 medical costs in the United States were five percent of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It's been an epic climb from that basement to the twenty percent expected by 2025. Medical technology costs, pharmaceut...

The Fiscal Cliff? Really?

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It is a funny wake up call to read the pundits this morning author the phrase “The Fiscal Cliff.” I realize that Thelma and Louise chose to press the gas to the floor when looking at their cliff, but most of us don’t ...

A Tale of Two Candidates

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It Was Nice Knowing you Mitt Romney

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Being President of the United States used to be the dream of kids when I was young. Lots of kids tossed President out there in papers, to teachers, and it was a mentioned dream job of enough boys to make the idea cool...

Video Post

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SF Oakland Bay Bridge is Falling Down-My Fair Lady

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As we struggle with the truth facing local governments in the face of tax revenue shortfalls and the elements of insanity that the expansion of all government expenses has created over the past 20 years, it seems that...

Happy Halloween

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This morning I decided to begin creation of a scripted documentary on the house edge in the capital markets. It just appears that investment banking types and the support persons, as well as the hedge fund managers ...

Why failed banks are in Georgia?

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The Associated Press reported on a new failed bank last month, the Georgian Bank, which of course was in Georgia. Whelan Jennings would have sung about “just some good ol’ boys, never meaning no harm,” and would have ...

How can supply have all the power and demand have none?

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A New York Times article on director scrutiny for executive pay joined the twitter this morning. The lack of examination of executive pay’s precipitous rise over the past two decades, as well as accountability for com...

Redeem it all

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The latest news from the Market front lines comes from Marketwatch under the headline “Funds hike fees, adding to investor pain.” It’s a funny day when after the scams, frauds, business missteps and massive losses of ...

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